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Tres Commas breaks the mold of traditional outsourced assistance — we deliver sustainable client care services to businesses based on the principles of commercial dignity, a cultivated work ethic, and accountability. That is, it’s not the financial gain we prioritize most, but rather our reputation and image in the eyes of our clients - this is what drives us to do the work we do.

We serve our clients with dedication and commitment.

Over the years, Tres Commas has provided dependable advice and support to businesses that seek to integrate into the advanced commercial culture of the future. We deliver industry-leading services to companies and are delighted to boast that some of the world’s leading organizations were either once assisted by us or continue to use us today. Powered by cutting-edge technologies and the exceptional expertise of our staff, we perpetually bring businesses to the fore.

We are multinational and multilingual. Our ethically diverse team speaks English, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Hebrew, with a solid background in implementing their use across multiple business sectors.


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What we do

Sales Operations

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How it works


Needs Analysis

We analyze your business to understand your product or service fully. We identify areas where improvements are possible and develop strategies to strengthen your brand position.


Appoint Talent

Based on our findings, we appoint or recruit talent with expertise in your industry. We develop unique sales and support scripts and train agents until these scripts are second nature.


Start Working

After testing agents skills in a simulated call environment, we are ready to go live! We are now providing 24/7, 365 support and sales to your customers and target market.

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Our mission💥 ⠀

At Tres Commas, our mission is to work as one on your company's mission by developing, growing and succeeding together!

📍We don't just do the bare minimum and leave you high and dry, our company aspires to achieve a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with its clients.


Myths about outsourcing call centers⚡️ ⠀

Businesses are confused about whether to outsource their projects or not. Even the time and costs involved in conducting a feasibility study, planning a strategy, and project costs are all tasks on their own.


So, right now, you're asking yourself why is a T-Rex running around our office, right❓

Surely you recognize our cold-blooded, walking-fossil, straight-outta-the-Jurassic friend; he was the star of one of our promotional videos!

📍Okay, for those who don't remember, meet T-Ressy, the hardest-working member of the Tres Commas team!


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There’s one Noteworthy Customer Service Outsourcing Service You Should Know

Tres Commas Delivers Quality Customer Service Outsourcing

If you are in desperate need of a reliable outsourcing call center, you are browsing the right place! Tres Commas is the ultimate helper in any difficulty today’s businesses can stumble on. We are a bunch of talented people eager to apply their professionalism and skill to work. Delivering both outbound and inbound call center services, we help businesses grow and develop by assisting their customers according to the highest standards.

How Did It All Begin?

Powered by the unbridled expertise of its staff and the endless enthusiasm for making the business industry better, we have topped the charts of call center outsourcing organizations for years! There’s some good reason why our company has risen to fame in its field: we deliver effective solutions to businesses’ problems and help them grow!

Founded with the mission of improving the businesses’ performance and thus making the service industry more advanced, Tres Commas was a discovery of the customer support outsourcing industry. The company was created with the aim of wrecking the stereotypes about the outsourcing culture and making outsource customer service up to date.

Business owners themselves, the company’s founders are familiar with the common challenges firsthand and this was the main reason why they came up with a new, fancy project called Tres Commas. Feeling the pain of their fellows, the founders were extremely enthusiastic about creating something that would do away with the bugs that an average modern business experiences. This is how Tres Commas, one of the leading call center outsourcing call answering services, appeared.

Services We Provide

Our call center outsourcing company delivers the ultimate variety of services that are critical to a business’s success. The services we provide form the backbone of our professionalism and their quality make us stand out among dime-store outsourcing call centers. Now, let’s take a look at what services Tres Commas provides.

Sales operations

Doing sales operations is one of the key processes we conduct at Tres Commas. Sales is a highly complex and demanding practice, which requires a professional approach from the company involved in it. Thus, we take exceptional care of the sales processes and this is what helps us measure up to the needs of our customer base, making us better than most call center services.

At Tres Commas, you’ll receive professional handling of your sales operations so that you reach success in the end. Equipped with the crucial knowledge of how the sales system works, we know how to sell the way prospects buy. Tres Commas experts deliver target-oriented results in a number of industries and territories, carefully planning tailored customer service outsourcing strategies for every client.

Check out what of sales operations we provide:

  • Telemarketing;
  • Telesales;
  • Inside sales;
  • Account management;
  • Consultation selling

For every type of sales operation, we apply one time-proven approach consisting of 3 steps:

1. Needs analysis

We carefully estimate the performance of your business, which helps our experts identify the problems a company is dealing with and what can be done to eliminate them. Our specialists then develop a new sales strategy according to the research made and the goals the company pursues.

2. Talent allocation

For each order exclusively, we select a team of professionals who will work on the project. Our experts create unique sales scripts aimed at training our team so that they accomplish the best result possible in the end.

3. Start selling

When all is said and done, we start the interaction with your existing customers and prospects, monitoring the performance of the sales teams and providing you with a detailed report of KPIs.

Support operations

Tres Commas delivers sustainable customer support services to customers from many industries. With us, you can rest assured that your customers are left satisfied and provided with top-notch assistance - we possess the expertise and proficiency that makes us better than a lot of dime-store customer service call centers. Our specialists are able to meet the highest demands of modern customers, supplying them with consistent, effective assistance.

Among the support operations we conduct, there are:

  • Livechat service;
  • Email support service;
  • Telephone answering service

This is how the process goes:

1. Needs analysis

Just like with the service mentioned previously, quality support operations require meticulous needs analysis. Our team of professionals studiously assesses the performance of your business in order to find out what challenges or problems it’s going through and what we can do to do away with them.

2. Talent allocation

Our experts handpick knowledgeable specialists to work on clients’ projects. We then develop detailed scripts that help us coach our sales and support teams, achieving remarkable results in the end.

3. We go live

Now that we are equipped with in-depth research and lasting human resources, we start interacting with existing customers and prospects. Our specialists monitor the performance of the teams, creating comprehensive reports with KPIs.

Talent acquisition

Having proactive talents at hand is the backbone of any business’s seamless performance. This is what makes the practice of talent acquisition so essential. The team of our phone answering service applies the latest, cutting-edge techniques for hunting the industry’s top talents who can make a success out of your business.

Our talent acquisition system consists of multilingual specialists, talent acquisition services, and talent development.

This is how the talent acquisition process at Tres Commas goes:

1. Talent strategy

We develop an effective strategy of talent acquisition based on the changes in the worldwide business environment. Looking out for the current trends in the undulating, ever-changing business industry helps us come up with solid solutions.

2. Talent acquisition

With a killer talent strategy at hand, we begin the talent acquisition process. Our specially trained experts handpick the talents for your business with utmost accuracy and professionalism. This is what has helped us form the best workforce for businesses ever since our foundation day.

3. Growth and development

We don’t only track down noteworthy specialists for you, but also ensure their consistent growth and development. Tres Commas experts provide newly hired specialists with quality techniques that help them polish their skills incessantly.

Industries We Specialize In

Our call center has 3 main industries it targets: gaming, education, and retail.


One of Tres Commas’s branches is centered on assisting the businesses involved in one of the trending industries of today, gaming. Powered by vast experience in the “play” world, we service gaming businesses in line with the industry’s highest standards and key trends.


The education sector today is in dire need of reliable outsourced assistance. And we are always eager to help out, offering our professional hand to the companies aiming to make the world’s education better.


We don’t stay away from servicing one of the key spheres of the modern commerce sector, retail. Our smart and up-to-date assistance covers both online and land-based commerce entities. The services we provide to the retail industry include:

  • Customer support;
  • Telemarketing;
  • Sales operations;
  • HR services

Choose Us to Keep Pace with Progress

The extended and rich expertise of our call center allows us to deliver high-quality servicing to companies. Always on the lookout for new trends in the business and tech industries, the Tres Commas team adopts cultivated tools and solutions for boosting the success of its customers. If you think your business needs a good spice-up, do invite our experts over!