Business Process Outsourcing: Outsource Your Customer Support

Zurab Samushia
May 21, 2021

Today’s business industry is teeming with multitudes of advantageous and cost-saving techniques and tools aimed at enhancing a company’s productivity and performance. The highly progressive and creative mindset of a modern entrepreneur of the 21st century has generated one very curious and beneficial way of optimizing a business’s performance and helping it grow by taking over its functions. And, back in the day, this innovative practice was dubbed business process outsourcing.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is an outsourcing practice adopted by a third-party service provider that conducts a number of business functions for a company. A third-party provider conducts all operations connected with the business activity of the company that hired the provider.

Business process outsourcing is an advanced, widely used practice helping up-to-date businesses handle their multiple external and internal processes.

BPO is utilized for two main purposes:

  • Back office operations – payment processing, IT services, QA.
  • Front office operations – marketing, sales, customer relations, grievance redressal.

Types of BPO

The companies providing outsourcing business process services are normally classified into several types depending on their location:

  • Onshore outsourcing – a company hires a service provider located in the same country, i.e. domestic outsourcing.
  • Nearshore outsourcing – a company hires a service provider located in the neighboring country.
  • Offshore outsourcing – a company hires a service provider in a faraway country. This type of outsourcing offshoring.
  • More effective use of hours

Your in-house employees sacrifice themselves to your business to the fullest. It’s been proven statistically that, on average, your employees spend about 41% of their time on the tasks that can be automated and delegated properly. And the 41% can roughly be translated to about 16,5 hours a week. Thus, by delegating your company’s functions to a qualified outsourcing team, you save that time for your employees to stay focused on the paramount matters of your company. Yes, BPO solutions can do that to your business, too!

  • Manpower is project-based

Even if you have a short-term project, you’ll definitely need additional manpower for that. And hiring new people to be engaged in a short-term project is not a bright idea, to say the least. Thus, this is where outsourcing companies, namely outsourced call centers, come to play – whether it’s a long-term or a short-term project your company is involved in, it’s better to let call center support professionals handle all those calls and messages for you!

What Are the Advantages of BPO?

  • Time reduction

Delegating some functions of your business to an outsourcing company will save you much time, did you know that? If you leave some tasks on your agenda to a competent team of experts at an outsourcing organization, you’ll have much time left for your other, more urgent, and substantial challenges and duties to tend to!

  • It saves you money

To equip your business to perform all the tasks and functions it should, you need a large amount of manpower. And this, in turn, will require you to splurge lavishly on the human resources that are to maintain your business’s favorable performance. But opting for a BPO when it comes to manpower is a great solution to cutting costs!

  • It gives your business flexibility and growth

If delegating your functions and tasks wisely and reasonably, you largely contribute to the growth and flexibility of your business. Applying for help to a reputable BPO company, you can focus on the critical processes in your company, making your business more flexible and enabling its rapid, smooth growth. This is especially true of the companies seeking professional outsourcing call center support – assigning call center services to an outsourcing company will spare you of extra financial expenditures you would have if you keep these duties to yourself. Just find a top call center company and bingo – you’re safe and sound with pleasing your customers!

The Bottom Line

Outsourcing your business process to a company that employs specially trained people for that is a smart solution to managing the endless flows of your duties and tasks, all of them urgent and requiring proper attention from manpower. To date, the business industry has witnessed thousands of household name outsourcing organizations with only a few of that deserving business money and time.

As one of the reputable and sustainable outsourced call center companies, Tres Commas is the organization that justifiably claims to offer the best contact center solutions. Tres Commas’s recognizable reputation and commitment to clients have allowed it to get to the “beau monde” of the outsourced support business, now referred to by many as a top call center company. That being said, if you think you could use the services of a reliable, committed organization like ours, make sure to get in touch with us!

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