Customer Acquisition Trends in 2021

Zurab Samushia
Apr 12, 2021

Customer acquisition has always been a key factor while running a business. However, due to the recent events caused by the pandemic, companies and marketers have to adjust to the new conditions. The thing is that the initial customer acquisition strategy no longer corresponds to the working and movement features as lockdown has made its adjustments. Therefore, it’s crucial to trace the changes and wisely use them in a strategy for generating leads. Let’s look at the latest customer acquisition trends in 2021.

Re-evaluate your business goals

Due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, your company should have reevaluated its business goals either way. So, if you still haven’t, don’t waste much time and examine your strategy again. Moreover, 2021 is a perfect opportunity to develop a new acquisition strategy or enhance it with your marketing team.

As an option, your company can focus on offering products that would be in greater demand this year than the services of the competitors. As a result, it may imply altering or renovating the product in a particular way.

For example, Zoom adjusted to the current situation and reevaluated its business goals, transforming from a simple communication tool into a powerful video-conferencing application. Thus, Zoom Meeting admitted a 418% growth in adoption and a 169% increase in revenue due to the implemented changes in a business plan.

Communicate with the customers

As the pandemic resulted in shutting down many activities in retail and other industries, many companies perceive it as a big obstacle. However, it is a perfect opportunity for smart businesses to find a better approach to the customers.

In order to get customer acquisition and retention, diversify the ways you communicate with your clients. For example, update your website, set the feedback, create a space where the consumers would be able to contact you faster and easier.

Embrace digital marketing and advertising more than ever

No matter what sphere your business is in, it’s significant to promote it via social media. Digital marketing is the key to the product’s success on the market as quality advertising delivers high returns. Moreover, don’t be afraid to use the full potential of digital marketing even though it has many valuable features.

As 2021 came, now’s the time to reevaluate your digital marketing strategy and implement an updated one so that you could boost your potential and raise a bigger income. For example, if your company makes email correspondence, pay attention to it and try to diversify the kinds of emails you send to the customers. Clients would be interested to find out about podcasts/webinars or other activities provided by your platform.

Try to alter your products to eliminate the competition, broaden the field of your services as many companies do now. For instance, the athletic apparel companies recently started making equipment that is necessary for the current situation: medical masks, face shields, etc. Another option may be attracting an outsource customer acquisition, which will promote your services to new clients and gain awareness of the company’s brand.

Consider how your product can assist the current situation

To implement user acquisition successfully, you should remember that particular products and services are no longer in demand due to the current situation, and some of them are, in contrast, better than ever.

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