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How To Use Live Chats To Excel Your Customers’ Expectations

Zurab Samushia
Sep 5, 2021

Technologies of customer service constantly evolve, following the increasing demand of customers and the general public to be served with high quality, thorough, and immediately. According to several latest reviews, when people address customer support line through a feedback form, they expect their issue to the answered ideally in the same day, within 5-6 working hours, but no longer than 24 hours in any case. But when they address a live chat, they expect a much more immediate response, ranging anywhere between seconds and a couple of minutes. Today, a 10-minute response of an operator in live chat is considered too long, contributing to customer dissatisfaction.

Live chats explained

A live chat is a tool embedded directly on web pages or in a mobile app, allowing people to ask questions and get replies from a live employee or a chatbot. Automation is a key to modern chatbots since they are able to reduce the client waiting time from hours and minutes to seconds. Most part of the chatbots is programmed not to wait as a person asks first but to pop up with an offer to start a conversation. At this introductory stage, chat best practices include the programming of a bot to provide some general information, which a client might be interested in, like working hours, office locations, or info about products.

Chatbots functionality importance

Just to show you how important it is to use chatbots, we write here the results of some recent studies:

  • Over 80% of US customers desire to pay more for a service/product if a company provides them better customer experience than other companies
  • Around 30% of website visitors expect to find an option of a chatbot on its webpages
  • You can increase your website conversions by 45% simply by placing a workable chatbot there
  • Around 60% of website visitors return to a website with a chatbot on it
  • Over 80% of customers say they’d like to have their issues to be resolved in the quickest possible manner, which would largely contribute to their happy customer experience
  • Over 90% of clients feel happy after having interaction with a chatbot.

A chatbot practice is common and you should start using it if you’re not yet. But the decision of implementing it on your website’s pages should come taking into account the latest technological landscape.

Chatbots with AI

Most offers of how to live chat today contain in their heart intellectual software based on self-learning AI. Such an offer is quite reasonable live chat best practice for your company because:

  • Through the usage of automated scripts, you can effectively take the workload off your support operators, as a bot is able to lead an effective conversation with a visitor, asking questions and, based on received answers, provide further answers in the form of links to FAQ, informational pages about company’s products or services, or general answers, which are programmed as part of the conversational script.
  • When connected to a CRM system, a chatbot can identify clients (for instance, based on their login+password, social media log-in, or some personal data like phone number). Based on this, a conversation becomes significantly more personalized: adding the {name} to the script, picking up from the previously left conversation (if any), or making personalized offers of products. Also, identified clients can be queued in their questions to live operators if a chatbot is unable to resolve an issue effectively or does not understand the requests of a client. The queuing can be effectively made based on the client’s parameters: segment, the importance for a company, history of previous contacts, and others.
  • Automated chatbot on the live chat with canned responses examples is able to save from hundreds to thousands of hours of working time for operators and effectively solve from 10% to 90% of all requests (standard ones are definitely closed, never reaching a live operator).

Best chatbots with AI on the market in 2021

There are twelve best AI chatbots in 2021 you could make use of (alphabetically):

  1. Aivo
  2. Bold360
  3. Botsify
  4. Chatfuel
  5. Flow XO
  6. HubSpot Live Chat
  7. Imperson
  8. itsAlive
  9. ManyChat
  10. Meya AI
  11. Mitsuku – Pandorabot
  12. MobileMonkey
  13. ProProfs ChatBot.

Conclusion on how to live chat

Using the live chat best practices, you can:

  1. More effectively convert your website’s visitors into leads, prospects, or clients
  2. Reduce response time and increase customer satisfaction
  3. Reduce the staff number of your operators
  4. Provide 24/7 support at least for issues covered by AI chatbot
  5. Reduce the count of helpdesk support tickets to be handled by humans
  6. Automate tasks

With a self-learning really good chatbot (like one on the list above), you actually humanize your client interaction process, as existing tools on the market implement modern chat best practices and when they offer updates, they bring even more of them into the chatbot software.

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