Salesforce Certification: How To Become A Salesforce-Certified Specialist

Zurab Samushia
Aug 29, 2021

When you scanning the job market to find a job corresponding to your IT skills, you might have encountered something like ‘Salesforce certified administrator required’ or anything other that has “Salesforce” in the position’s name or description. What is this and why there are so many such positions? How to become certified?

What is Salesforce and why would you need to certify

Salesforce Inc. is an American company with the head office in San Francisco. It focuses on developing CRM systems and a large sort of other software for automation of marketing, sales, analytics, and for automation of application development. It is ranked in 2021 #2 in the list of a hundred best companies (in the US) to work in, according to surveys of employees. And it is currently the world-biggest vendor of CRM systems, which employs over 60,000 people and has a revenue of 21 billion dollars in 2021 (with a forecast of $25 billion in 2022). The company started in 1999 from a group of several people working from a usual apartment and has passed a more than significant path ever since.

Because today it is the biggest player on the market of the named software, it provides standardization of its software modules and functionality, so there is a huge volume of things that people have to know to work with the software as clients, develop or support it as direct employees, as well as create surrounding software or interact with Salesforce otherwise as partners. So since such a huge halo of information surrounding the activity of Salesforce exists, there are many roles, which a specialist can obtain to become a part of this halo. Hence, the need for certification – to make sure that a person knows everything required for a particular job or role.

Existing Salesforce certification

A person desiring to pass the Salesforce admin certification or any other certification shall undertake the exam, which costs around 200 US dollars as of the day of writing this article. Salesforce pricing of the exams changes at times but not dramatically since it is not the main business of the company and just covers the expenses related to the exam process.

There are 6 basic rods of certification, each of which is given after passing the Salesforce exam. Any certification that lies within the basic rod has to be taken after the basic rod’s exam is passed. The existing rods are:

  • Administrators
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Marketers
  • Consultants
  • Designers.

Within these, 39 further levels lay. The exact one shall be picked by a person according to their preferences and needs.

When the exam is passed and the certification is received, your future Salesforce hirer or another company (for instance, Salesforce customer or partner) is able to check whether you really have the certificate. It is possible through a dedicated website ( It means, you don’t have to carry all your certificates with you, especially if you have many of them (it is currently not limited, how many certificates one person may hold).

The process of passing the Salesforce certification exam

To get ready for the exam, it is required first to study the guide, which you can find on the website, which contains the entire information about preparation for the exam, paying for it, passing it, re-passing in the case of failure in the previous attempt, obtaining and periodic approval of the certificate. Also, it would be useful to find various test questions that are typical for Salesforce exams on some third-party websites (there are plenty of them) to receive an idea of what they look like and what do they contain. Snatch some answers from them, too.

It is important to know that Salesforce systems that you’re planning to undergo exams at contain much functionality, which you might have never encountered before even if you’ve been working with this or that software for quite a long time. So it is advised to study all the functions, as chances are high that anything about them will be asked in the exam.

A typical exam consists of 60 basic question + 5 extra (un-scored) questions.

Taking the exam is not possible online: only registration for it is held online, while the test itself is taken in one of the Salesforce certification centers (they may be absent in your country). The process is transparent:

  1. Register in the Salesforce certification page (learn more here: or go directly here to create a new account:
  2. Carefully fill in the required information and log in to the account. Read carefully everything that’s written. Select one of the available exams for you following the prompts in the system.
  3. Pay for the exam and get the receipt.
  4. Pick the certification center from the list. Sometimes, it’ll be required for you to travel to another country since there may be no centers in yours (but that’s rather a rarest exclusion to the rules).
  5. Pick a day and time from the list of available ones. On the selected day and time, arrive at the test site with the required documents.
  6. Pass the test and receive results immediately. As of now, they are binary: Pass/Not Pass.
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