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Six Tips You Should Consider Before Hiring Your Next Call Center Supplier

Zurab Samushia
Sep 6, 2021

Outsourcing a call center for your business is customary, like having a coffee machine in your house. Not only can your company save serious time and money (although this often is among the main driving forces), but more importantly you will stay ahead of the competitive and ever-changing curve:

  • Expedite turn over and tasks
  • Dominate your competitors with customer surveys and satisfaction polls, collecting feedback, and offering a personalized approach
  • Get to market quicker and scale up/down faster
  • Maximize your workforce, even if processes inside your company isn’t yet optimal
  • Access to a broader (worldwide!) pool of talent and employees

What is a call center for hire and what does it do

There is no way to reach all the benefits mentioned above without the help of a call center (CC) company, which would provide the services needed to render your targets. These services provided by an outsourced (hired) CC is quite comprehensive today:

  • Manage incoming calls and make outgoing calls for assistance in solving problems or issues
  • Respond to customer feedback, complaints, and requests
  • Conducting research, polling, investigating, and collecting feedback on products and services
  • Resolve customer issues directly or escalate them as necessary, according to processes (communication scenarios)
  • Have different communication strategies with customers, prospects, and leads
  • Maintain records
  • Data-driven reporting
  • Make sales at any stage of the progress of the sale

Although a CC is typically understood as the one providing vocal work and assistance, modern CCs also embrace other supported customer communication channels: online chat, social media messaging, and third-party communication software like Viber, Telegram, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.

Furthermore, one of the main reasons CCs thrive even today - despite all these automated bots with superintelligence - is that most people still prefer a personal touch in communication, which no robot or computer can replicate. As we all know, there is nothing more frustrating (inhumane even!) than speaking to an automated system.

Why it is beneficial to hire a call center?

A sensible reason to hire a call center is to address the service of hundreds, thousands, or millions of your customers. Look beyond that, and you might find an even more important reason: with a CC, you gain a trusted business partner who is reliable, goal-oriented, able to constantly deliver within your KPIs, make transparent and on-demand reporting, and provide the utmost level of trustworthiness and security when it comes to your company’s data (the highest priority of any company). As we continue below, you’ll gain insights into the best way to approach a call center for hire:

Best six tips when hiring call centers

  1. Never go for the lowest bidder. It is a rule of thumb that about half of all bidders will not be able to comply with your requirements and demands, especially as your company grows and increases.
  2. Run a rigid and all-embracing interview of all contestants to make sure they’re able to deliver every single KPI you document in the contract (which a big company might have over a hundred).
  3. Security should be a critical focus and requirement: i.e., how a contestant can assure you that not a single bite of your company’s information would ever leak from your mutual working processes and data exchange networks.
  4. Consider companies outside of your region or country. Not only could they have better software than your locals would, but also a better pool of talent- which might eventually trigger better sales and company growth. However, be aware! Some product/service requirements could be too demanding to hire people from low-profile countries. For instance, the poor language skills of employees from a CC located in Bangladesh will not spur up your sales to high-profile customers and could potentially deteriorate them. It would be wiser to address high-end CCs located in expensive markets like Australia, the USA, Western Europe, or Canada - especially if your contact center employees will have sales KPIs established.
  5. Refrain from cutting costs as your only and primary objective (however, do not completely shy away from it). Rather, consider cutting costs if only the contract with a chosen CC makes it absolutely clear it will deliver you the necessary KPIs (and they swear they do) for the lower cost.
  6. Upgrade your technology. Modern CCs are mostly well-developed high-tech companies with advanced technologies. They specifically upgrade their call center’s software and tools to outperform competitors, spending big-time to outshine and dominate the field. Thus, hiring one of such cutting-edge CCs will give you access to those resources, which alone can give you a competitive advantage in an instant.


Finding a good CC is not an easy task – almost as integral as finding a good spouse, a good business partner, or a good mentor. In truth, it’s necessary and not optional in today’s world– especially if you want to grow your company exponentially and outperform your competitors.

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