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Some Good Sales Contest Ideas To Motivate Your Salespeople

Zurab Samushia
Aug 29, 2021

Various healthy contests are the best option to make people work more effectively, with a bigger drive, reach new heights, and be happier about their achievements in general.

The idea behind the creative contest ideas

A sales contest is what your salespeople need to improve their outcomes, making the sales spiff required for your entire sales department. Any competition is a possibility for the best workers to show what they can and motivate slackers. Also, it is a driver, which you can use nearly for free (excluding the cost of the prize pool) as being in leaders of some performance table is already a powerful stimulus for a person to get better. Eventually, you can use this information not only to highlight those who do the best but also to promote them if the results will be kept high even when the contest is over.

Some good sales incentive ideas for fantasy sales teams

Let’s limelight some good sales contest ideas below, which any company in the world can utilize.

  1. Come up with some creative sales titles. Let a salesman be not a ‘salesman’ but a ‘Vice President of Sales’. This alone will spur self-importance and the outcome. And, having such an insanely important-sounding business card on various meetings, potential clients will see a person next to the CEO, not some “John, a used car seller”.
  2. Use direct and understandable metrics. For instance, the one who sells more “product” units per “time” unit wins. Align it with your company’s realities and give it some fun (yet loud) name. Do you sell canned peaches to elderly homes and your sales team is comprised of women? Then here you go: “Peach Queen” title is something they will be eager for!
  3. Team VS Team. Some of your sales teams might be comparable in sales although they do have differences in the types of products they sell. Auto tires versus used bikes, both making 100K in sales a month in approximation? Make them knock with their foreheads to sell more, let’s say, over 3 months! The winning team will go on vacation to the Caribbean for 1 week. Or each person in a winning team gets a cherry cake – you know better what kind of present motivates your people the best.
  4. The biggest deal. Among ideas for competitions, a prize for the biggest sale (let’s say, a total price of a contract) is still one of the best employee contests ideas. Although you could combine it with the biggest sales level for a period of time to prevent from losing a person who’ll sell more through many small sales. This will not allow anyone to lose their motivation to work if they can win either way (and have two prizes instead of one!).
  5. Best commission. Sometimes, sales are not directly about earnings. You could sell with a discount, after all. However, if you make salespeople compare their net profits or commissions, this might sound like one of the better work contests ideas. Although, it is up to you to establish a combination of several prizes, why not.
  6. Sales to a bigger number of new clients. If it is more important in your company to acquire new clients rather than to work with existing ones, then selling to new clients can be a wonderful sales competitions idea.

A type of prize also matters. While for the biggest share of people money is still the greatest incentive, there are numerous other ways to limelight the winner.

  • A favor from the boss. The idea is that a winner can ask any favor from their boss in the future (to some reasonable and legal extent, of course).
  • Boss for a day/week. How about becoming a real boss for a while so as to make everyone (including your ‘previous’ boss) obey your orders? This is quite an advisable idea for upper management to watch after the work of such a new guy – what if he or she does better than the predecessor?
  • Daily prizes and the ‘mega’ prize. You could win something for being the best in a day. But can you perform excellently for the entire period to become the best overall? If people work with both levels of prizes in mind, this can amazingly boost their efficacy.
  • Top this. By establishing some lowest level, over which everyone has to jump in order to qualify for a prize will cut off the possibility of cheating (“…let’s all sell less and share the prize…”).
  • Floating prize. The prize’s cost or bigness can depend on the final performance. For instance, get 1X for reaching 1Z but you can get 2X, 3X, 4X… for reaching the Z-connected milestones.
  • Get points for achievements of another team member. Although it might at first sound like a silly idea, it is in fact a driver to facilitate the work of an attached colleague, making them work better with your help. This’ll eventually lead to bigger trust and support in your team (and understanding each other’s work better).


Motivation is important and awesome – starting with ‘Good job, Bill!’ ending with “Here is your certificate for 2-week fully paid family vacation in (some expensive place), which you won!” By merging all available levels of incentivisation wisely, you can achieve much better goals for optimal cost.

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