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​Useful Tips On How To Get The Best Results From Your Outsourced Service Provider

Zurab Samushia
Oct 28, 2021

Modern businesses aim at making their work more effective and profitable. Outsourcing is one of the efficient methods used in the third decade of the 21st century. As a result of outsourcing, it’s possible to save time and money, fulfill various tasks better and faster, and focus on the development of the company instead of daily routine.

However, the application of this practice requires a wise approach. It’s important to choose the right outsourcing company to make the most benefit from your cooperation. We’re exploring how to get the best results from outsourced tasks.

Advantages of managing outsourced vendors

When the right company is selected, businesses can enjoy a great number of benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Higher speed of work
  • Better productiveness
  • Greater expertise of specialists in a certain field
  • Faster problem-solving processes
  • The possibility for the staff to concentrate on the most important tasks
  • The opportunity to hire contractors for multiple tasks
  • The absence of the need to build infrastructure for outsourced contractors – they come with their own.

Of course, there are also risks of problems connected with the quality of work, communication with outsourcing vendors, and transparency. That’s why it’s essential to choose an outsourcing company carefully to avoid possible troubles.

Tips to select the right outsourcing company

The choice of outsourcing experts is crucial to get the best results of such cooperation. To pave the way for finding a suitable contractor, you could follow those tips:

  1. Evaluate the expertise. It’s important to make sure an outsourcing company is experienced in your industry. The specialists should have the knowledge and skills to provide the required high quality of work. It’s recommended to ask the company about the completed previous projects, similar to yours, and their number.
  2. Ask for recommendations from the vendor’s clients. They should provide you with the contacts of several clients, who can tell you in detail, what it’s like to work with that vendor. Real words from real customers will tell you more than tonnes of ad leaflets of any outsourcing vendor.
  3. Assess the technical expertise. You shall be able to receive explanations of the used methodology, which will allow managing your requests and completing tasks. Ideally, if there is an accredited quality control system in place, which makes sure to provide uninterrupted service to your company.
  4. Client management and communication systems assessment. In the variety of used communication channels, you and your vendor must use the same. You should agree upon the time and methods of contacts, the same as data formats and everything that should be done to make your mutual understanding smooth and seamless. Mind the time zone differences.
  5. Infrastructure. If that’s important for your business processes, the used infrastructure shall be coordinated, tested for the same traction, and regularly updated – both in software and hardware.
  6. Workforce. That’s something you will require to cover your needs and fulfill tasks. There should be enough employees in a vendor and they should be scaled up/down fast according to your needs in the high and low moments.
  7. Work out the cost approach. Fixed and irregular are two cost models. If it is more beneficial for you, then try to agree on a fixed-cost model. But if you can’t predict the irregularity of your tasks, then go for task-by-task cost.

Recommendations on managing outsourcing

In order to make the most benefit from the cooperation with outsourcing partners, there are a few recommendations to follow:

  • Clearly define the aims of cooperation. You might need an expert for a project or for a definite solution. There should be a mission statement as well as smaller tasks agreed upon to make it possible to manage the work in general and avoid operational confusion. Keeping to the general project scope and schedule is crucial.
  • Don’t make the price a key priority. It’s stupid to choose only based on the lowest price – as, along with that, comes the worst quality. Try to reach the balance of good cost and optimal quality.
  • Start with something simple. The first cooperation with a new outsourcing company is important. If you begin with a smaller project, you can understand the provider’s work while not risking too much.
  • Keep hands-on monitoring of the work. The regular control of performance allows all involved parties to make sure their cooperation is mutually fruitful and within the contractual KPIs. Also, try to avoid becoming too obsessive about control.
  • Take care of after-release assistance during a definite period of time. It is highly relevant for technological projects. There should be provided a warranty and professional support, especially if your company doesn’t have experts in the area.


Outsourcing is a useful practice, which can benefit your business. But you shall choose the right vendor, following the recommendations to make your cooperation expected and fruitful.

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