Ways To Increase Sales For Your Business

Zurab Samushia
Jul 9, 2021

No matter what is the size of your business, the area you’re working in, the product you make, or the type of your structure – you need sales to live, grow, fund new ventures, explore, and pay salaries. Below, we are considering the most effective practical ways of how to increase online sales and how to increase offline sales, too.

Ways of sales increase online explained

Working in the 3rd decade of the 21st century, you should definitely be interested in how to increase online sales since it’s impossible to ignore the growing power of the Internet in sales processes, which has been a serious trend for over a decade.

And here are awesome low-cost ways to increase online sales:

  • Google My Business. Make sure your customers can find you on a map, read reviews, hit their likes, find out your working hours, and read about the basic product offers.
  • Send e-mails to existing clients to gain up-sell. You can also ask not only to buy something but also to recommend a friend for some discount or a free offer.
  • Ask clients for feedback – let them write their reviews about your products and company online, including Google, your blog, your website, and Amazon (as well as other sale places).
  • Run regular promos – for existing and new customers.
  • Offer your products in bundles, packages, and special deals – this is highly relevant for new customers but can also be effective for existing ones.
  • More actively use social media, minding the portrait of your audience (focusing on those social media, where your audience dwells the most). You do have the portrait of your audience, do you?
  • Build a community and generate word of mouth.
  • Partner with other businesses.
  • Offer free promos and deals. If you use landing pages with limited-time offers, you will be able to establish free offers in exchange for some contact data of your prospects. In addition to that, you can establish a call-to-action button, which also improves the conversion rate (to increase the sales potential).

The list of tips on how to increase sales not only online

When we’re speaking not only about the Internet but also using other methods and channels of sales, it would be wise to list the following tips.

  • Assign the most advanced and knowledgeable salesmen to high-profit territories. These people know how to sell and that’s why you pay them a large salary. It would be expedient to set them to high-profit territories or channels to close good deals and get the most out of your potential. It would be wise to give them help in the form of beginning salesmen so as to make the latter watch and learn.
  • Focus on your top accounts. Think of what they might need on top of what you give them. A personal account manager? An individually tailored offer or a high-profile product? Better promos? A closed-type party only for tops? That’s in your hands.
  • Know the needs of your clients better. You can be helped in that by special IT tools, like a CRM system (if you still aren’t using it).
  • Find and eliminate any bottlenecks in your sales processes. Make a thorough investigation of your processes. Sometimes even something that’s working fine can be improved by 15%-30% just by giving it a very close look and discarding the fear to improve based on what you find. You can hire a professional process manager if you don’t feel qualified enough.
  • Think of how you could better convert your prospects into your customers. What do they need to become clients?
  • Attract more prospects – for instance, through a dedicated landing page for each of your products, specifically tuned for the one, not for a batch of everything you sell.
  • WIIFM. “What Is It For Me?” How your product covers the needs and pains of your customers? Improving it may directly boost the sales, as well as lowering its price if you can’t improve it yet it does not fully correspond to your clients’ needs.
  • Plan your sales funnel – it is a large chunk of work, which, however, can lead to more specific numbers of sales and more clearly defined goals.
  • Align sales with your marketing efforts. Ideally, one shall not prevail over another in the capacity and capability. Also, they must be perfectly aligned in time so when another marketing campaign starts, your sales team is ready and taught.
  • Make the SWOT analysis, explore its results, and make respective changes.
  • Learn cases and make the study of the best cases one of the routine practices to get in line with the market development.

Increase sales by utilizing the benefits of outsourced sales

One of the extremely powerful tools to boost sales is to use outsourcing. There are many professional contractors out there, each capable of bringing experience in a particular area, which you cannot or don’t have knowledge or skills to embrace. This can be anything – from mass e-mail marketing and organizing clever social media campaigns to an advertising campaign on boards and improving your website (or landing pages). The beauty of outsourcing is that you can hire a dedicated team for certain goals, set clear aims, and thoroughly plan the expenses, receiving contractually defined results, without hiring anyone for salary (and thus freeing yourself from paperwork and extra taxes).

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