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What Is a CSAT Score? Why do you need it? The best ways of Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Zurab Samushia
Oct 12, 2021

To make any business successful, the attitude of customers is of great importance. To understand their assessment and satisfaction, modern marketing uses the CSAT score. In our article, we’ll describe the essence of the term and ways of application of such measuring.

What is CSAT?

The term refers to the customer satisfaction score. It is used for assessing customer experience. Today CSAT scores allow understanding how your clients feel about a certain product/service. Such a way of measuring creates an interaction with customers and is considered to be the best metric.

By evaluating customer satisfaction, businesses can:

  • Find out the weak spots
  • Better understand the needs of clients
  • Find the best ways to interact with customers and present their product/service
  • Increase the number of purchases by using suitable marketing methods for satisfied/dissatisfied clients.

When you understand what your clients think about your product/service or support, you can use the most effective ways of communication with them. For instance, if a customer is dissatisfied with anything, you can offer extra support or service to improve the general attitude.

On the other hand, if a client is happy with the provided service, it’s possible to reinforce the interest by sending regular mails and demonstrating your concern about the customer’s needs. As a result, the positive attitude will be strengthened, which will make satisfied customers share a positive opinion about your brand with friends, relatives, and other people.

Call centers and contact centers for CSAT

There’re various customer service providers, which help collect the data about customers, their level of satisfaction, and general attitude. Those providers are divided into call centers and contact centers.

The first category presupposes the collection of information by means of calls (inbound/outbound). Thus, they can only provide phone support without covering other possible channels. The agents working at such centers can assist people in various areas starting from the account questions and ending with the application of the product purchased. Call centers also use various metrics, which allow understanding how long clients are waiting for an agent to answer, the length of calls, etc.

As for contact centers, they offer a wider diversity of channels, which they use to communicate with customers. Along with phone support, they provide chats/chatbots, SMS, email, social media, messengers, and other channels. Thus, together with call center metrics, they also use additional ones, which make them more effective for measuring customer satisfaction. In addition, their agents are trained to work with various channels.

Ways of measuring customer satisfaction

Now when you understand the CSAT meaning, we can pass on to the methods, which can be used for measuring. As contact centers are more productive, we’ll observe the tools they can offer:

  • CSAT survey. It’s considered to be the best method for measuring satisfaction. It allows collecting the data quite easily and fast. It’s necessary to create relevant questions for the target audience. In addition, pictures and other media materials can be added. It’s recommended to get clients’ feedback regularly (for example, every half-year, quarter, or month). It’s possible to create questionnaires to find out the feedback on the interaction with support, billing queries with accounting, and other issues. Note that the reaction is not usually immediate.
  • Social media networks. When publishing various information on networks, people can instantly show their reactions. It will always be fast and honest, which will allow understanding their real attitude to the provided product/service. People on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks can share your posts, indicate their positive attitude with ‘Likes’, comment on the information published, etc.
  • Emails. It’s a perfect tool to interact with customers, who agreed to receive your updates. It’s possible to send various questionnaires in letters or add links to them in marketing newsletters.
  • SMS. The questionnaires made by means of short message service are highly effective and have an impressive response rate. It’s comfortable for people to ask your questions using their cell phones because they can do it while waiting in a queue or on their way to work.
  • Live chat. Inserting a live chat in your app or website, you have all chances to get a high response. People can write about what they’re searching for or ask any questions. Thus, it’s a rich source of information about the target audience. The interaction via live chats takes place in real-time allowing engaging your clients immediately without waiting for their precious feedback. Besides, all the previous information is saved in the chat for better understanding.
  • Phone calls. Being a traditional method, it allows covering an extra segment of people. In addition, calls can be used for the deep assistance of clients, to accept complaints, and to resolve various problems.

When it concerns CSAT customer satisfaction, it’s always better to use various channels and tools to collect as much information as possible. Profound measurement will help quickly highlight problem areas, effectively analyze the relationships with clients, and get ideas for further development and improvement.

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