What Is Relationship Selling, How It Works And What Benefits It Brings?

Zurab Samushia
Jul 5, 2021

Definition of relationship-based sales

In many sales, especially with the advent of developed online sales processes, most sales became faceless and nearly automated. Automation and the ‘fast-food approach’ are in high demand in certain areas of sales, where hot clients come to buy a specific hot product and eager to do it on their own. It is true where conveyor sales are relevant, for instance, in super-, hypermarkets or large online retailers like Amazon.

Unlike them, there are products and services, which are hard to sell in this way, and/or they demand thorough consultation or much of around pre-sale preparation to be sold. This is where significant participation of a salesperson is required, who demonstrates, explains, and establishes personal contact with a buyer.

But not only that – there are also areas, where competition is high and sellers have nothing else to compete with the offer of a highly personalized approach, creating and developing personal relations with a client. Being personal includes a coffee and dinner with a client to talk about their needs and goals – in addition to personal meetings in the office and phone calls instead of emails.

Whilst price & quality remain cornerstones of selling products and services, personal touch in some cases becomes a definitive factor to buy from some sellers, even sometimes, regardless of the price.

The best relationship selling definition would be a set of techniques aimed at establishing personal relations with a client rather than focusing on price and product qualities. Personal relations will arguably increase customer loyalty and the chances of recurring purchases. The best example of such sales can be individually provided services: dancing, yoga, music lessons, or even a very funny and positive plumber. They all have to be professionals to buy from them again but you wouldn’t deny you’d better go to a service provider you like rather than to some faceless seller who only thinks of you as a revenue-generating object.

The results of relationship-based selling

Those marketers who realized what is relationship selling, that sale is not a process ending with the sale itself, and that it is important to establish long-term relations with a client, have understood the benefits of it. We consider them below.

  • Building long-term trust between a seller and buyer.
  • Creating a positive brand image.
  • Increasing sales by means of creating warm relationships, which lead to recurring contacts, up-sells, and cross-sells.
  • You make your customer happy, so they become the best advocate of your brand through the word of mouth.
  • Any sales relationship can be transformed into relationship selling – if only there is added value for your sales and it will enhance your company’s financial results.

Outsourced sales in relationship selling and benefits of it

Although being personal is something that belongs to your company’s staff, still, it can be outsourced. It is possible and expedient to do in the following cases:

  • When your company does not have expertise or knowledge in offering relationship selling (for instance, you might have used old practices) and can’t gain them fast. It is way simpler to outsource it to someone who’s an expert – and they’ll start doing it without long preparations.
  • When you don’t have time to transform yet you have to show some quick results.
  • When you’re interested in focusing on other aspects of your business and desire to give out a large chunk of your company’s processes to someone, including sales.

With a professional outsourcing company, you can work on a contractual basis, receiving clear results, saving on HR processes of hiring, educating, and firing, without extra taxes, and not losing time.

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