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What Part Of The Business Can Be Passed To Outsourcing With Ease By Every Company?

Zurab Samushia
Nov 10, 2021

To say in general, outsourcing allows freeing up more resources of a company for growth and development, stepping away from routine and, frankly speaking, boring tasks, which we all have in our everyday work. We’ve already written numerous times about what is business outsourcing, what its advantages are, and how to organize this process step-by-step. Now, we’re considering what exactly business functions can (and should!) be passed to outsourcing.

1. Accounting

This is one of the first things that come to mind when people speak of what is outsourcing in business. Instead of hiring highly skilled (and sometimes, certified) personnel, buying software, and monitoring legislative changes (which largely differ from country to country), it is much more expedient to assign these tasks to a professional company. There are many of them on the market, so you won’t have trouble finding a good one.

2. Advertising, social media marketing, and creatives

Another thing what do companies outsource the most is the creative and promo parts of their work. With the deep development of the Internet, as it is today, it gets increasingly harder every year to make people find you online. Such business has become too sophisticated and vague for many. Thus, no wonder companies resort to outsourcing.

3. Administrative tasks

Saying ‘administrative’, we don’t mean ‘managerial’. It is rather something like hiring an assistant, who can perfectly work outside the office, with even better productivity than within its walls. Anyway, such assistants increasingly more work online and connect to the Internet in their daily activities, so why come to the office in the first place?

4. HR

Hiring a true professional is a long & effort-consuming task. Fortunately, it becomes easier when you form a requirement list for future candidates and assign a person to find, pre-filter, and assign interviews with the right people. Luckily enough, remotely working HR companies can also find good contractors for your other outsourcing needs.

5. Sales

Sales are definitely the most important part of any business, directly generating revenues. But since the business landscape turns more complex in the modern world, the sales business outsourcing services are in high demand. Especially when it comes to improving them in your company, using the entire experience of modern salespersons, who are experienced in all sales channels, techniques, and approaches.

6. Contact center

When you’re doing great in your business, you start having various interactions with customers – before, during, and after the sales. Handling their requests in a remotely working contact center is a great option. This is a huge industry today, which accounts for trillions of dollars in planetary volume. So think of it among the first outsourcing steps you make.

7. Software developments

This is a niche activity, requiring serious skills, knowledge, and mindset. Also, it is one of the fast-growing markets in the world. There are programmers, testers, and project managers out there, working in hundreds of software development tools – simply reach your hand to find them.

8. Manufacturing

If you don’t have millions of dollars to invest in building up your own factory, you don’t have to. Simply find someone who takes orders for their production facilities and someone who’s able to control the process on your side, like a project/account manager.

9. Logistics and shipping

With a booming development of various delivery services, starting with centuries-old post offices, ending with modern bicycle riders with the bags on their backs, today, everything can be delivered from a place of pick-up to the place of consumption. In a pandemic lock-up, this might become the only possibility of delivering products to sitting-at-home consumers within a country or abroad.

10. Research

If you don’t have enough time, knowledge, or desire to scan the market and plan your growth according to current market conditions and people’s wants, hiring someone who does it professionally can boost up your business development. From routine marketing research to the creation of a new drug worth billions – nearly everything today is outsourced. But you have to understand that unique pieces of research that push the earthlings into the future – similarly to what Elon Musk does – are still hard-to-impossible to outsource and are tremendously expensive. Also, they usually require so much involvement of their orderer in the process that you might find them inexpedient to outsource at all. Additionally, the risks are high that the results of innovative research will be stolen (even if you contractually protect yourself!).

11. Lead generation

Finding new customers online and offline is called lead generation. This is made through various tools, the easiest of which are landing pages on the Internet. The hardest are bots with artificial intelligence, which personalize every advertisement you see on the Internet. Today, this task has become so tangled and IT-specific that, in order to have new leads, it is nearly impossible to go without outsourcing in this area.


As you can see, we haven’t listed such functions as planning, development, management, or profit distribution. These make the core of any business and shan’t be outsourced. Otherwise, what would make your company a company, not a bunch of functions, all given into someone other’s hands?

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