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Why It’s Important To Outsource Right Now? Read About The Main Reasons To Use This Option

Zurab Samushia
Nov 25, 2021

The current situation in the world greatly influenced the way people live and work. Since March 2020, their habits changed, as well as their priorities. Specialists of various fields left their habitual workplaces and began working remotely. For this reason, people became more concentrated on their professional skills. So today it’s much more important for companies to concentrate on tasks they do best.

Those changes caused many reasons for outsourcing. For businesses, it’s much cheaper to cooperate with a contractor to fulfill a certain work than to hire a separate professional for the company. In the article, we’re observing the essence of outsourcing and find out why it’s so useful and important today.

The meaning of outsourcing

Outsourcing is a popular modern practice, which presupposes hiring third-party experts. A company might or might not sign a contract with a specialist for the fulfillment of a definite task or provision of certain services for the company. Vendors specialize in a definite type of service – one or few. They have workers, hardware, skills, know-how, software, and other manpower. A company using outsourcing has no necessity to provide anything for the fulfillment of work.

Today it’s possible to use outsourcing for a great number of tasks, in various industries. The most widespread types include:

  • IT services (for instance, software development and technical support)
  • Accounting (suitable for small businesses with no financial experts amongst the staff)
  • Marketing (it’s effective to promote and improve your company by hiring a marketing agency, which can guarantee results or hit KPIs)
  • Customer services (modern businesses often make use of the contact center services to build better communication with clients)
  • Shipping and logistics (instead of spending money on the creation of a separate department, it’s possible to hire an outsourcing company to deliver goods to your customers)
  • Research (specialists in this field can help know more about your customers and make other pieces of research required by you)
  • Human resources (such experts can fulfill various tasks connected with hiring, onboarding, and managing a team, as they provide training, administration, recruiting, etc.).

Outsourcing reasons: main benefits

To understand the reasons why outsourcing is good, it’s required to consider the main advantages it grants:

  1. The access to a wider pool of expertise in people, processes, and software
  2. No necessity to hire more staff (as well as a possibility to scale the personnel number up/down fast)
  3. Lower labor costs.

In general, it’s a nice way to save money, time & avoid excessive paperwork connected to hiring/firing specialists. You shall sign a contract with definite conditions agreed by you and a vendor of outsourcing.

However, there also exist risks, which should be mitigated or avoided:

  • Problems with quality (different companies have different standards of work)
  • Absence of control over the work of outsourced specialists and fields of work
  • Communication problems connected with different time zones, data formats, or Internet connections.

To avoid these and other troubles, it’s important to be careful during the search for an outsourcing company. It’s necessary to find experts with a good reputation and skills, with a transparent offer. Make sure all the conditions are suitable for you before signing a contract.

Reasons for outsourcing today

Having considered the general benefits of such services, it’s additionally required to add that in the modern world, outsourcing becomes more relevant for all sorts of businesses. Here we list 4 reasons for outsourcing:

  1. The possibility to focus on the most important tasks like development. If your company is accountable for every possible point of work, it could be difficult to compete, as you’re not using your time effectively. By hiring outsourced experts, you can reach higher efficiency and concentrate on development.
  2. Higher effectiveness of work thanks to access to a modern personnel pool with own expertise. This is highly valuable in the IT market, for instance, where finding a good programmer takes a lot of time and effort.
  3. Faster work with more profit. Outsourcing experts might be able to find solutions for the majority of problems better than employees of your company would. Or they can handle more tasks within the given time. It’s better to invest in outsourcing to improve speed and quality of work instead of educating your own staff.
  4. Lower risks. Outsourcing companies are more prepared for the possible market changes and can scale up and down much faster than your company could. They have modern software and optimal processes. After all, outsourcing competition today is high, so they need to kill it to live. This results in super fancy security systems, communications, or cloud-based platforms. Thus, you can faster outperform your competitors.


Outsourcing is an efficient solution for modern businesses, especially in pandemic conditions. The right choice of experts could help organize work more effectively, lower the operational costs, and become more flexible in changes.

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