Why Outsourcing Jobs in Ukraine is a Great Idea

Zurab Samushia
Jan 5, 2021

Top Ranked Country in the Outsourcing Market

Before selecting a company, it is very important to choose the destination where companies offer outsourcing services at a high level. In terms of popularity of outsourcing, Ukraine is known to be one of the top countries. As mentioned above, implementing ideas in Ukraine is not as expensive as in other developed countries. Due to a high level of performance, Ukraine has gained high positions in some of the top international rankings as the best country in the Eastern Europe outsourcing market, top country promoting innovations, the greatest number of software developers, outsourcing activities.

Also, Ukraine is regarded as the UK’s best outsourcing destination of 2018. In addition, 15 Ukrainian companies were included in the Global Outsourcing top 100 list of IT companies in the world.

Why outsourcing to a company in Ukraine is a smart idea? A long list of factors may contribute to faster progress in cooperation of Ukrainian companies and international investors including the cost of services, talent of workers, cultural compatibility, favourable business and language environment, and many more.

The Best Price to Quality Ratio

Compared to most of the European countries, Ukraine offers more loyal rates as well as a much richer talent pool. When talking about numbers, an average daily wage of Ukrainian employees falls within 20–50 USD, with a monthly salary between 500 and 1500 USD. But it is not only about numbers but quality.

According to numerous research, Ukrainian software developers and engineers are known to be the best professionals on a world scale, with an average score index of around 92%. What makes them stand out that much?

International companies constantly find that professionals in Ukraine are highly productive and easy to communicate with. They carefully consider the customer’s needs for a brilliant result being honest and trustful with managers standing in higher positions.

Top Talented Workers in the World

Ukrainian professionals will understand faster on what idea you are trying to convey not to mention that they are talented and gifted in many areas. Unlike most developed countries with high business culture, Ukrainians are feeling free to clarify anything they find unclear. It works perfectly with those entrepreneurs or startupers who are facing difficulties with making up their ideas. Don’t feel insulted if you have been interrupted in the middle of the sentence because they need to make sure the last articulated thought was understood correctly.

A high level of personal involvement in the projects makes them be performed at high speed and quality. Ukrainian professionals are open not only to communicate but confront and deal with challenges. To make the job quickly, they always try to facilitate the process by implementing various progressive ideas.

Cultural Compatibility

Given the fact that Ukraine is located in Europe, its culture, including business culture, is very close to that of Western countries. As for American businessmen, they find Ukrainian partners easy to cooperate with because of the same active spirit. With many cultural similar nuances, Ukrainian professionals are not just performers but partners.

Multi-language Environment

Located on the crossroads of continents, Ukraine is an attractive destination for international investors and companies who need to entrust their projects to professionals. The same applies to a language situation. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is a fast-growing and developing international megapolis where both Russian- and English-speaking nationalities have the possibility to communicate with ease.

Given the fact that English is regarded as the world’s most popular and spoken language, many Ukrainian companies prefer to hire those professionals with an intermediate or advanced level of English. So, language barriers are not a problem in Ukraine. As statistics show, in big cities, around 70% of Ukrainians can speak and write in English fluently. When talking about tech workers, this percentage increases to 80. To get their English proficiency to the highest level, Ukrainian outsourcing companies offer their employees free English courses.


After gaining independence, Ukraine has adjusted its international policies to the same of top developed countries to create a more comfortable business climate. Compared to other countries that offer a possibility to delegate jobs, in Ukraine, professionals show a high level of personal involvement and responsibility. Above all, the Ukrainian workforce is relatively cheap which allows maximizing the return on investment. A low cost of living, the fast development of the IT industry, improved legislation make Ukraine a favorable outsourcing destination.

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