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We receive incoming calls from your current and prospective customers and assign teams of in-house trained associates for your product support, payment/order processing, upgrades/renewal inquiries and much more


We connect with your current and prospective customers via the multiple communications channels we set up for your business and conduct telesales, lead generation, telemarketing, appointment setting, market research, and much more


  • On-demand support — pay as you go
  • Integration with your troubleshooting technicians
  • Dedicated team with client-specific training
  • 100,000+ tickets per month


  • Onboarding
    You meet your manager and together you determine the optimal size of the team on your account, timeline of services, roadmap and KPIs
  • Preparation
    We gather the team for your account, create unique scripts and develop the guidelines for your clients’ journey
  • Team training
    We train the team for any situation
  • We go live
    We begin interactions with your clients
  • Constant improvement
    With the feedback we receive from you and your clients, we continuously improve on our process and optimize it for maximum growth


  • Darryl Stochansky, Chief Executive
    Because of the pandemic, we had to set up and deploy a completely new team entirely remotely. Tres Commas took over the entire call center operation, helped us keep up with the ordering process and each agent's results and performance were incredible.
  • Robert S. Fielding, Master Technician
    No more missed calls! Literally, not a single one ever since we have been working with Tres Commas. They assigned us to a group of 3 agents who handle our account. The company has quickly worked out the way to automate unnecessary tasks and streamline the workflows, resulting in a customer support system that can focus on customer happiness.
  • Kendra Hutchins, Publisher
    The cost effectiveness of Tres Commas is, to put it simply, a thing of beauty: the company’s software developed in-house allows agents to increase the number of calls almost three-fold. The scripts are highly useful, the qualifying sequences are extremely effective.
  • Andrey Sovinec, Head of Customer Service
    Tres Commas’ work ethic is outstanding. They handle our customer support 24-7, refit the entire service on a moment’s notice whenever we change business hours or amend our rulebook.They do brilliant redirects so customers don’t feel duped or confused.




Tres Commas sales team defined the target customers profile for the company service line and developed a go-to market strategy for every target segment. Today a dedicated team of two Tres Commas executive consultants oversees the entire sales and marketing process for Fintech company creating prospect lists and running omni channel outbound campaigns. The Tres Commas team is also nurturing warm leads and closes contracts for the client.

Results & feedback:

Tres Commas helped Fintech company create a new revenue stream from scratch, closed deals with over 30 companies. We’ve signed master service agreements with 6 Fortune 500 companies and were able to support a full marketing and sales operation for the Client in the US market. Tres Commas reinforced existing customers relations and acquired new partners for the Client as well. As of today, Tres Commas team is managing over 1.2M$ in annual sales for Fintech company

Tres Commas sales strategy:

Tres Commas sales team built a workflow that drives prospect engagement. We practice Account Based Marketing (shortlisting target accounts and reaching the right stakeholder at the right company) while running email, LinkedIn, and cold calls campaigns targeting Fintech company’s main audience.



Tres Commas team of executive consultants worked closely with the Real estate sales/property management company marketing team to create parameters for the target audience prospecting using Tres Commas’ proprietary outreach sequences. Following the onboarding process, Tres Commas managed outbound campaigning on behalf of the Client.

Results & feedback:

Tres Commas campaign resulted in a sustainable monthly acquisition of over 25000 prospects with 27 qualified leads generated/month

Tres Commas sales strategy:

the multi-stage project consisted of creating a segmented lists of potential prospects and custom-tailored outbound campaigns driving end-traffic to webinars and other activities designed specifically for end-users. Qualified prospects were introduced to the in-house sales team to book demo sessions.



During onboarding, Tres Commas helped formulate the client’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), shape the product offering, and develop marketable content. The sales team leveraged Tres Commas’ objective data list to find prospective contacts based on prioritized titles. We then launched mixed proprietary outbound sequences using email, cold calls, and social media outreach to connect with prospects, sell them on the Client’s services, and book demo meetings for eCommerce company.

Results & feedback:

eCommerce company received over 76 MQLs/month and 10 sales-ready leads. 5 of them were major opportunities that led to tangible traction thus justifying the Client’s investment.

Tres Commas sales strategy:

we began our multi-channel outreach with proprietary bespoke email sequences engaging prospects with in-house created content and social media follow-ups.


  • What is an outsourced call center?

    Outsourcing is when a business contracts out the call center operations to a company that specializes in such services. Since call centers require significant investments for personnel training, software, facilities, and so on, outsourcing it is considered a cost-effective and smart long-term business strategy.
  • How can I increase my sales with the help of your agents?

    Our agents have gone through extensive in-house training and are experts in all best-performing selling techniques. The only thing they need from you is your product or service documentation and training, if necessary. After that, any one of our agents will be able to guide your prospects confidently through the buyer’s journey and present your product/service in the best light possible turning lookers into buyers.
  • How much will it cost to contract your call center?

    Will be more than happy to arrange a discovery call for you. Please, contact our customer service or simply spend 5 minutes filling out our free estimate request form
  • What languages do your sales agents speak?

    Our agents speak English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Portuguese, and Malay.
  • What sort of data security protocols do you use? Are my data and the data that belongs to my clients secure?

    We use SSL encryption for all personal and financial data.
  • Will I be able to outsource more than just phone communications?

    Of course, we can help you communicate with your clients and prospects any way you need - from cold calling to integrated live chat, email marketing and social networking.
  • How will I track the call center success?

    You’re the boss: discuss all KPIs important to you with your account manager. You will also have access to a CRM system where you will be able to generate all the necessary reports and see current statistics.
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Tres Commas is a tight bunch of like-minded individuals and of companies specializing in call center outsourcing and focusing on one inspiring goal – helping businesses grow. We have developed an impeccable workflow based on the perfect balance of technical expertise and a deep understanding of the intricacies of an outsourced call center. These advantages allow us to get in close touch with our clients to discover quickly how they can amplify their business processes and rise above the competition using our extensive experience in outsourced customer support, outsourced cold calling, and live chat outsourcing.

Your brand deserves recognition, and here at Tres Commas we are making sure that your employees focus on delivering the best service to your customers while we perform system maintenance and handle all communication with your target audience.

Our call center operates in multiple languages and is ready to immediately process any request. We are working with different levels of support, communicating with entry-level users as well as seasoned engineers. You can set up a collaboration between our specialists and your technical departments or rely solely on our staff. We also provide a seamless workflow, from Tier 1 to Tier 2 support levels. We consider sales an art form. Selling the right product at the right time at the right price to the right individual requires a certain degree of inspiration. Not everyone can do this. We’ve spent years perfecting our proprietary selling techniques for every specific type of business there is. We particularly thrive in situations where you have an excellent product or service but having difficulties generating leads and increasing sales. We have a developed organizational structure comprising the highest-mark multilingual sales representatives standing by to address your every whim and drive your revenue sky-high.