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You might think
that marketing your product or service is not rocket science.
Yet, online shopping giant Amazon spent $22.6 billion on R&D in 2018 alone. Why? Because they think strategically. So, for anyone who wants their business to thrive in the long run, we’ve deployed our consulting activities.

Discover Pioneering Strategies

Our strategists will guide you through the process of discovering your long-term business goals, evaluating and prioritizing them, and framing a clear vision of how to achieve them.
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We have on-staff advisors who work with companies to create and implement marketing strategies:

  • Create a detailed marketing plan
  • Determine a marketing message
  • Identify the channels to get your message out to the target market.
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Open innovation

We help you source new technologies, access the latest trends, innovate and accelerate growth in your interest fields.

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    We provide a range of services and solutions in strategy, digital, technology, and operations. Combining deep experience and specialized skills, we work at the intersection of business and technology to help you and your clients improve performance and create sustainable value for stakeholders.

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      Licensing & patents

      We consult your organization to manage the intellectual property better, manage innovation, and develop a course of action for revenue expansion.

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        Venture Capital Consulting

        We help you relax the conservative mindset on your VC activities and build a successful VC strategy to amplify your reach and increase leverage, leading you to ultimate success.

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          Applied research

          We are full-service market research, organizational research, and data analytics firm offering strategic insights based on an in-depth understanding of attitudes, behavior, and social context.

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            We consult you on an asset's specifics, reducing risk, and gaining access to insights and experts leading to successful bids, trackable growth, and maximizing returns on exit.

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              Strategic partnerships & networks

              We help you develop a network of strategic partnerships in the age of time and resources becoming increasingly scarce. From earning referrals and building a reputation to managing efficiencies and being more productive, we can help your business grow in any market conditions.

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                Research & Development
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                Researching new markets, developing new products
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                Surpassing the competition in financial markets
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                Building up advanced technology as the basis for new products

                accel Your Success With Innovation

                There are millions of brilliant engineers in the world. Meanwhile, only 0.001% of them might work in your organization.

                Conclusion: most smart people in the world are outside your company
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