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Tres Commas provides full global support for gamers, gaming studios, publishers, and developers. Our in-house trained, multilingual player support teams are ideal for boosting your brand image online and keeping gamers coming back for more.

Taking Care of Players is What We Do

Online gaming is all the rage these days, so game publishers want players to receive all the attention and support they need to stay in the groove and retain brand loyalty. Here’s how Tres Commas can help you achieve this goal:


Timely response to players' inquiries is at the top of our priority list. And we love to get personal. Not in the "give me your social security number" way but instead resolving any issues between players and inside the community or board quickly and to everyone's satisfaction


Face it: gamers hate autoresponse. Everyone does, for that matter. We vow to you that the members of your board or community will never know whether they're receiving a live response or chatting with a bot. That's right, our proprietary live chat support methodology allows us to do just that - create a conducive and welcoming environment for effective communication via email, phone, or social networks. Give us a chance, you'll see!


Our in-house-trained game customer service team speaks French, German, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Hindi, and Chinese. It has a background in using those languages in both a commercial setting and a gaming environment.


Do your customers favor PC or prefer mobile apps? Kudos to both! Our outsourced game support team can help users of all known platforms, formats, and gamers of any technological bent. Contact us whether your clients play text-based online emulators from the late 80s or if you need customer support at a World Championship event.


We don't do magic. We don't provide cheats. We don't overpromise and underdeliver. Everything we do is presented to a client in the form of a comprehensive report in a format that allows you to turn complicated information into actionable intelligence quickly and easily. At the end of the day, you receive reliable stats on the state of affairs in your community, valuable insights for your in-house marketers, and real-life observations to help you scale, improve customer support and get ahead of the competition.

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Why Tres Commas

Choosing a well-suited player support team that fully understands the passion of a true gamer, and speaks his or her language, can produce gratifying results for the game publisher and distributor.

Tre Commas' gaming industry expertise along with competitive pricing helps transform your customer service from being a bottomless money pit to a robust revenue generator.

Our multilingual customer support team appreciates your players' cultural diversity and is highly skilled in conflict resolution, forum moderation, and community leadership.

We make sure that every one of your platform's visitors is presented with enough value of remaining in play that they stay glued to their DXRacer chairs 24/7

Our pricing is meticulously tailored to suit the need of virtually any gaming community - from a major global network to a local basement affair.

Need Support For Your Gaming Community?