Our specialty

Help desk outsourcing is our specialty. At Tres Commas, we believe that your customers must never be bogged down in long disputes, spending hours on hold only to clash with a bot over a technicality. Our help desk support services provide effective resolution in minutes through deep human involvement, cutting-edge support infrastructure, and our associates' technical prowess

Tres Commas Advantages for help desk Services

We deal with ticket backlogs, reopening of tickets, customer defection head-on improving your reputation in minutes.

Seamless help desk involvement

Fast response time

Bolstered brand recognition

Increased customer loyalty

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Help desk Services for Business Growth

Success in today's competitive and highly socialized business environment can only be achieved through effective interaction with your current and prospective clients. We promise to deliver the best help desk service available and help you take responsibility for your product, always presenting its value in the right light.
There is only one boss. The customer.
And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply
by spending his money somewhere else.
Sam Walton

Why Choose Tres Commas for help desk Services?

At Tres Commas help desk service, we know how to resolve issues swiftly regardless of technical complexity. Here's how we do it:

Ticket Creation

The speed and efficiency with which help desk service creates tickets is a vital factor in subsequent resolution. Erroneous queries lead to misunderstandings, increase response time and create overall confusion. As a result, issues remain, your customers are dissatisfied, sales are stagnating.
Tres Commas approach is an error-free investigation. We ask thrice if need be. We always make sure there are no misunderstandings or vagueness, which to your customer means a hassle-free experience, and to you smaller ticket backlogs and shorter resolution time.

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A Centralized Knowledge Base

Your customers always want a one-stop solution. To you, however, such an approach is nearly impossible due to logistical complexities, the multi-level nature of a problem, and, frankly, the human factor.
The longer your staff takes to forward the issue, the larger are the piles of unresolved tickets and the smaller your odds of attaining business productivity goals.
Tres Commas help desk service understands the value of swift and reliable resolutions. That’s why we have developed a centralized knowledge base for our associates to refer your clients to should the issue fall out of our agents’ expertise or if the interaction’s goal is informing the customer.

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Optimal Ticket Cataloging and Tiered Response Algorithm

Though we practice the FCFS (first-come, first-served) approach to ticket resolution, customers who are in an emergency receive our utmost attention first. The same goes for the issues that require immediate resolution due to the nature of a problem – system breakage, financial issues, and others. At this juncture, the value of optimal ticket cataloging becomes impossible to overstate. At different levels of complexity, delivering time-sensitive solutions will directly affect the CSAT score, which, in turn, leads the customer to a decision whether or not to come back for another purchase or to recommend your product or service.

To cope with incoming help desk support service cases, Tres Commas has a tiered response algorithm in place. Lower tier agents solve basic issues. Higher-tier agents are responsible for solving more complex tasks. Tier 3 agents have the highest level of both access and responsibility and are authorized to lead small teams of specialists in solving confidential tasks, financial issues, and addressing security concerns.

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Why Outsource Help Desk Services to Tres Commas?

Help desk solutions cost more than over-the-counter customer service. Plus, you must have skillful help desk representatives to provide ideal solutions to customers during interactions. Tres Commas's help desk services have everything from robust infrastructure to cutting-edge technology to in-house trained, multilingual associates - all at a highly affordable rate.