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We Deliver a Seamless Shopper Experience

E-commerce call center outsourcing is a must in the age of IoT. When every conversation matters, you need sales teams, customer service, and technology that keep up. We know how to make sure your customers get the best service possible because happy people buy fast, buy easily and always come back for more

What WeOffer

Customers interact with your brand through multiple channels we set up for you. Our outsourced eCommerce sales team connects with your prospects at every step of their buying journey. With Tres Commas, you get both live phone support and various digital channels to make the sales process more efficient.

Smart routing: get the right agent on the case and resolve issues quickly

Cross-channel interaction: no more repeating messages to different agents

Personalized notifications: know the status of your ticket at all times

24/7 live service/fully-automated IVR: your customers are always taken care of


Tres Commas connects the dots between your prospects and your product team, creating an unforgettable sales and customer experience for both. Once you see the big picture we paint for you, from all the little details to a completely personalized approach to problem-solving, you will know you've come to the right place.
We solve issues faster with full customer context on the report we provide. We help you map your customer journey with data from your on-staff sales team and other channels we launch and maintain into a single data stream for your product team
We deliver real-time suggestions on the actions and shortcuts your associates should take based on our analysis of your prospects behavior and intent
We help you manage your KPIs with accurate reporting customized to your needs
We create accurate CSAT surveys to help your in-house marketers qualify external vendors and subcontractors
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We Help YouScale

Be it seasonal demand or random events, robust growth is the number one requirement for any eCommerce business in 2021, but you will need help scaling without compromising customer service. Tres Commas' intuitive client onboarding and a proprietary methodology for agent training build a fast track for any business to grow and succeed in the wild.
Agile and well-trained remote workforce - our associates serve multiple eCommerce businesses from locations in Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Cyprus
Our agents' skills are developed in-house using proprietary time-tested techniques
Next level involvement: we don't just dial; we help generate revenue
We use cutting-edge tech for forecasting, scheduling, planning, reporting, and other operations essential in the eCommerce space

Tres CommasBullet Points

Digital Channels

Our digital bundle: SMS, email, chat, social media, and more: we are always with your customers

Smart Answering

24-7 automated self-service, live chat support, multi-level interactive voice response (IVR)


Notifications you don't hate: automatic confirmations, fast shipping updates, status reports, and other customer communications

Better Decision Making

Our sales associates provide you with a complete customer profile overview helping your in-house team make necessary adjustments in inventory management, store hours, and other essential business aspects

Dynamic Recommendations

We use our proprietary techniques to reveal portentous opportunities for cross-selling, upselling, and targeted promotions

On-Point Reporting

We monitor KPIs using Tres Commas' proprietary techniques to identify inadequacies and deficiencies, coach associates, and increase customer satisfaction

Inbound/Outbound Call Center

We help you increase sales efficiency by outsourcing the process to Tres Commas. We facilitate and optimize your connection with your customers for greater sales volume and dramatically improved client service

Fully Compliant

With all necessary compliance certifications, including PCI and GDPR, we maintain the most extensive set of security standards in the industry

Clear Connection Globally

We talk to your customers using high-speed connections and the unparalleled reliability your brand deserves

Multilingual Sales Teams

Our in-house-trained teams of sales associates speak French, German, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Hindi, and Chinese and have a background in using those languages in a commercial setting

Experience the Enterprise-Grade Call Center for 21st Century