Servicing the needs of the retail sector comes second nature to us. Whether your business is exclusively bricks and mortar, wholly online, or somewhere between, we have the experience and skills to improve your customer satisfaction rates and elevate your sales to new heights.
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What we provide to the Retail industry

Customer Support

We handle all the challenges your customers may stumble across over the phone.


Tres Commas agents are experts at both outgoing and incoming call handling. Every call matters - this we never forget!

Sales operations

Our professionals manage all aspects of your sales operations and thrive on delivering target-orientated results.

HR Services

Our accomplished HR team provide a full-cycle, hire to retire service, including talent acquisition, payroll, onboarding, performance management and more.

Compliance & Verification

Competent and up to date with laws across multiple territories, our compliance team ensure full legal and regulatory compliance, building you a firewall against unexpected threats.

Services we also offer

Talent Acquisition
Email Communications


Why you should work with us

Vast Sales Experience
Highly-Trained, Reliable Customer Support
Round-The-Clock, Year-Round Assistance
Sell and speak to customers globally in 10+ languages

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More about Tres Commas

One of the top retail call centers is ready to serve your needs

Tres Commas: One of the Revolutionary Retail Call Centers

When it comes to assisting businesses in the retail industry, Tres Commas acts as something that is more than just a call center outsourcing service. Featuring a professional team of retail adepts, we cross the boundaries of traditional call center support, equipping customers with sustainable help.

It’s the commitment and expertise of our specialists that have made our service so well-recognized among aspiring businesses and superior to other retail call centers. We thus take pride in being the epitome of advanced call center outsourcing assistance, not ceasing to upgrade our performance on a regular basis.

Retail Services We Provide

Our retail contact center covers the full spectrum of retail services needed for the prosperous development of any modern business. We care a lot about servicing customers in a professional way and making sure they receive the ultimate “kit” of tools for reaching success in retail.

Customer support

A reputable business needs to provide A-level servicing to customers. To fulfill this important task, businesses should have a reliable, expert customer retail support team. And this is what we successfully help companies with - our specially trained experts provide businesses’ clients with professional, solid assistance regarding any issue they experience.

At Tres Commas, specialists are selected based on each individual project - we assign specialists according to the specifications and peculiarities of your business. This helps improve the quality of assistance and prevent any possible issues that might ensue as a result of an incompetent approach.


As the mainstay of any modern company involved in sales, telemarketing is a highly sophisticated and essential practice that requires in-depth knowledge and extended expertise from sales agents. The complex nature of telemarketing is what inevitably challenges even big companies but, at the same time, serves as one more noteworthy undertaking for Tres Commas sales adepts.

Sales operations

Conducting successful sales operations is a painstaking venture that requires exceptional professionalism from sales agents. Thus, at Tres Commas, we approach the practice of selling with utter accuracy and devotion. We complete sales operations according to the rigid standards of the sales industry, which allows us to be in line with the requests of our clients and serve their needs to the fullest.

HR Services

Delivering lasting HR services to companies is one of the foremost tasks of outsourcing call centers. Tres Commas provides excellent human resources services that include talent acquisition, payroll, onboarding, performance management, etc.


Ensuring the validity of customers’ identities is an inherent step in maintaining a secure environment conducive to the prosperity of your business. Tres Commas specialists have developed a win-win system for checking the validity of customers’ personal data in order to avoid any legal problems.

Here’s Why You Should Work with Us

We take pride in offering top-notch solutions to businesses and generating valuable technologies to help our customers reach for success. And now, we’d like to introduce you to our biggest highlights that become benefits for you as soon as you turn to our customer!

Vast sales experience

It’s not only skill and knowledge that can bring rich outcomes in the end. What also matters is the experience - for how long a company’s specialists have been involved in working in a certain field and confronting specific tasks. Tres Commas’s experts boast large experience in sales, which allows them to carry out quality sales processes and operations. Powered by extensive expertise in the sales industry, Tres Commas experts don’t stand away from enriching their skills and knowledge, always being on the lookout for changes and new trends.

Reliable customer support team

What serves as one of the mainstays of an outsourcing call center? A customer support team consisting of professionals who are committed to the work they do - this is what sets in motion all processes at Tres Commas and makes us an organization widely recognized for its expert team of talented support reps ready to offer a hand to customers at any moment.

Round-the-clock, year-round assistance

We deliver uninterrupted support to businesses - if New York is the city that never sleeps, then Tres Commas is the call center that never calms down! We work around the clock, with no days off or breaks - it’s all noisy and orderly here every time.

We are multilingual

Another substantial feature that makes us prominent is the variety of languages our customer support specialists speak. We are proficient in over 10 languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and more. Our call center experts have degrees in their respective languages and are able to serve customers of the retail industry to the fullest.

Long story short, Tres Commas is a call center that specializes in providing superb services to retail businesses, boosting their excellence and success. We’ve been the number one choice and the ultimate destination for worldwide famous businesses that look for quality and lasting call center outsourcing help. Choose us for your prospects to choose you!